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Our Clan

We welcome you to ClansuckerZ;
we are giving a rebirth to an old clan.
This clan is formally a clan led by (Cz)Runfun, who still is the founder and is a advisor.
We welcome old members as well as new members who would like to join our clan
or just want to visit and chat with some buddies.
We accept all language, but if we feel you are causing problem's we wont hesitate to remove you after a warning.
Our Leaders (Cz)Runfun & (Cz)EMUGurke are working on this site to make it a good experience.
Our administrative leaders (Cz)Runfun and (Cz)Seppi and other senior members are willing to help and assist
on our site and to assist others to have a good time and have fun.
We welcome any ideas or constructive criticism to better our site.
We are a clan based in Battlefield 1942, we have our own server.
Thanks you for visiting our site and please come again in making sure we continue on this sometime rough journey

we have of keeping a clan healthy and alive.